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Raytheon & Millitech Partnership Delivers for Customer

September 28, 2005

Raytheon, in partnership with Millitech, one of NCS's top 10 suppliers, recently completed the Navy EHF Satellite Programs Follow On Terminal production build nine months in advance of prime contract requirements.

Raytheon SATCOM systems and the Defense Contract Management Agency accepted delivery of the 279th and last FOT Antenna Pedestal Assembly on Aug. 16. Millitech's subcontract, which was initially awarded in 2000 and renewed on an annual basis, eventually exceeded $30 million. It resulted in the manufacture, assembly, test and delivery of 236 54-inch ship antennas and 43 10-foot shore antennas.

Said Program Manager Brian Gray, "The level of cooperation and trust was outstanding." He added, "Raytheon and Millitech delivered antennas ahead of schedule."
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