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Millitech Product Warranty Information

New Product Warranty

All millimeter-wave products supplied by Millitech are warranted to the original Buyer for a period of one (1) year from the date of shipment to be free from defects in material and workmanship, and to meet the specifications agreed to at the time order is accepted or any written modifications thereof.

Seller's entire warranty obligation is limited to making adjustments by repairing, replacing or refunding the purchase price of any product which fails to meet this warranty and which is returned to Seller, as provided below, within one (1) year from date of first shipment by Seller. Replacement, repairs, or adjustments under this warranty shall not reinstate the warranty set forth herein. Under all circumstances, the warranty will expire not later than one (1) year after such first shipment.

2. Adjustment will not be allowed for defects occurring in customer-furnished material or for products which have been subjected to abuse, improper application or installation, alteration, accidental or negligent damage in use, storage, transportation or handling. Alteration or removal of serial number or identification markings voids the warranty.

3. Seller shall have the right of final determination as to the existence and cause of a defect, and whether to make adjustment by repair, replacement or refund. When adjustment is not allowed, a reasonable charge will be made to Buyer to cover Seller's cost of inspection and handling.

4. In the event Seller determines that any product claimed to be defective is not subject to adjustment set forth herein, Buyer will be notified that product is not subject to adjustment. Unless the Buyer furnishes disposition instructions for the product within thirty (30) days after such notification, Seller may return the product "as is" to Buyer, transportation collect.

5. In returning products under this warranty, Buyer in all cases will obtain and comply with Seller's packaging and shipping instructions. Buyer will pay for all packing and transportation costs for returned products. Credit for transportation charges within the United States will be issued by Seller if adjustment is allowed. Where adjustment is not allowed, products will be returned to Buyer, transportation collect.

6. There are no warranties that extend beyond the description on the face of the contract. Seller shall not be liable for consequential damages. No change in this warranty shall be binding upon Seller, unless it shall be in writing signed by a duly authorized representative of the Seller.

Warranty for Repairs

Millitech, Inc., will provide repair for all products sold by Millitech. All products no longer under Millitech new product warranty which are repaired, modified, tuned or calibrated at the Buyer's expense will be covered by this repair warranty. The repair warranty applies only to products returned for repair at Seller's facility. The warranty does not apply to any products returned to the Seller with obvious physical damage, or which have been modified by the Buyer in any relevant way. Under all circumstances, the repair warranty will expire not later than ninety (90) days after shipment.

Warranty for MSD Products

All warranty clauses and durations are contract specific and are negotiated as part of a new contract.