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Space-qualified Hardware

Space Qualified Assembly Photo   Millitech has extensive capabilities and experience in millimeter-wave systems produced for space and satellite applications. Millitech has delivered critical components and assemblies for several space programs such as receivers and instruments associated with the millimeter-wave sensors and atmospheric measurement systems. SSPA combiners for communications, receivers for remote sensing, and cooled front-ends for radio astronomy are few examples of both active and passive component capabilities. Millitech also produced the receiver for NASA's SWAS (Sub-millimeter-wave Astronomy Satellite) with receivers at 490 GHz and 550 GHz.

In addition, Millitech offers a complete line of components and subsystems which can be engineered to suit the requirements of space-borne systems. The reliability and robustness of Millitech's products has been established over many years of product history and through diverse customer applications and requirements. Millitech has all the requisite processes and quality systems in place to produce space-qualified hardware including AS9100 certification, NASA soldering, and in-house thermal-vacuum testing capability.

Millitech has also developed a dependable supplier base for electronic S-level components and materials. The manufacturing processes and evaluation/qualification procedures for millimeter-wave products vendors have been established and pre-approved by Millitech's Quality Department. 

Millitech maintains a highly qualified and experienced staff to perform activities associated with all aspects of space related contracts. These factors, when combined with Millitech's extensive advanced technology development capability, allow us to provide the most cost-effective, fully compliant, timely solutions for your space applications.
Space Qualified Assembly Photo  
Long Attenuator  

A sample of the programs on which Millitech has participated:

Mission Millitech Supplied Hardware
• AEHF 8-way power combiners (WR-15)
Power terminations (WR-15)
Hybrid couplers (WR-15)
Variable attenuator (WR-15)
• NPP-ATMS Hybrid Ts
Waveguide filters
Junction ferrite isolators
Variable attenuators (WR-15 and WR-10)
• Military , unsp 8-way power combiners (WR-15)
Thru-line power level sensors (WR-15)
• EOS AMSU-A 89 GHz stabilized Gunn oscillators
• ADEOS II 85 GHz stabilized Gunn oscillators
• Envisat MWR Mixer/IF amplifiers (23.8 and 36.5 GHz)
• Cassini High power multipliers
• SMEX-SWAS Complete submillimeter-wave receiver (490 and 550 GHz)
Programmable synthesized LO sources (82 and 92 GHz)
IF processing (converters, amplifiers, filters, and detectors)
DC-DC power module
• DMSP-SSMIS Mixer/IF Amplifiers (56 and 92 GHz)
Variable waveguide attenuators
• UAES-MLS Local oscillators for environmental monitoring system