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Smiths Interconnect Press Release

Smiths Interconnect

350 Conejo Ridge Avenue
Thousand Oaks, California 91361 US

For Immediate Release
March 9, 2011

Garry MacDonald
Director, Business Development & Strategy

Smiths Interconnect Launches Redesigned Website

Thousand Oaks, Calif. – Smiths Interconnect announces the redesign of its website ( to enhance its online communication with customers, investors and employees. Creating a centralized source for visitors to access the breadth of expertise within Smiths Interconnect was a driving factor of the redesign.

“By updating our website, we were able to quickly and clearly show the variety of technologies and market-specific solutions we offer,” said Ralph Phillips, President of Smiths Interconnect. “Our goal was to provide an easy-to-navigate resource for both internal and external visitors to find the information they need to take the next step – whether that step is application-specific products from our individual businesses, or an understanding of the depth of the Smiths Interconnect offering as a whole.”

The website now features all of the individual businesses within Smiths Interconnect segmented by the categories of microwave, connector and protection technologies, as well as by the markets served, namely civil aerospace, defense, energy, industrial, medical, rail, semiconductor, space, test/measurement, and wireless telecommunications. Visitors can use the site to see trade shows Smiths Interconnect will attend, new product announcements, and case studies of solutions developed by Smiths Interconnect businesses.

Smiths Interconnect is one of the five divisions of Smiths Group and a section of the redesigned Smiths Interconnect site gives visitors quick access to Smiths Group share activity, news releases and other investor related material.

One of the challenges with the redesign was to clearly communicate the strategic link between all the Smiths Interconnect businesses – to connect, protect, and control critical systems – without taking away from the individual brand identities used in the marketplace. “Smiths Interconnect succeeds through technical differentiation, but also through collaboration between our businesses,” said Phillips. “With this new website, the businesses are identified both by their unique qualities, but also by how they are compatible with each other.”

Smiths Interconnect returned to Massachusetts-based web design firm Wakefly for the project. “Our successful experiences with Wakefly on the Protection Technology Group ( and Hypertronics ( websites made them the ideal choice,” said Shaun Caraccio, Vice President of Business Development and Strategy for Smiths Interconnect. “Wakefly understands the complexities of our organization and can deftly combine that with top notch web design skills to deliver a site that meets both our requirements and those of the increasingly sophisticated online business community.”

About Smiths Interconnect
Smiths Interconnect ( is a leader in technically differentiated electronic and radio frequency products that connect, protect and control critical systems for the wireless telecommunications, aerospace, defense, space, medical, rail, test and industrial markets. It is part of Smiths Group (, a world leader in applying advanced technologies for markets in threat and contraband detection, energy, medical devices, communications and engineered components. Smiths Group employs around 23,000 people in more than 50 countries.