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Millimeter-wave Radar

Millitech has over 15 years experience developing radars for numerous applications covering a frequency range from 18 to 140 GHz. We developed the first commercial vehicle radar at 77 GHz for Daimler-Benz in 1996, and have the experience and flexibility to develop solutions for challenging sensing applications, especially where size and resolution are critical.

Applications include:

  • Altimeters Seekers
  • Fire Control
  • Tracking Systems
  • Concealed Weapons Detection (CDW)
  • Level/Gap Sensing
  • All-weather Range Mapping
  • Mobile Autonomous Robots
  • Automobile Radar / ACC
  • Cloud Radar

Our proprietary FMCW radar designs feature superb frequency sweep linearity and range resolution. Built-in range-sensitivity compensation greatly extends the dynamic range of the data acquisition systems on these radars.

For Pulsed-Doppler applications, we develop application-specific coherent and frequency-agile systems to meet our customer's needs. Millitech has the experience to supply IF processing and data acquisition including STC, AGC, and frequency-hoping.

These radars are powered by Millitech's solid state amplifiers capable of supplying up to 1 Watt at 94 GHz. Millitech also has the requisite expertise to integrate TWTAs into our custom-designed radar systems. Please consult Millitech for more information on our radar capabilities or to discuss specific requirements.

Included in our radar systems are Millitech antennas. Millitech has extensive antenna design expertise to meet challenging requirements including dual polarization, circular polarization, and multi-band operation.

Millitech can supply complete turn-key millimeter-wave radar systems including antenna, scanning control, signal processing, and control software that can customized by application.

Sample Millitech Radars Parameter Application TX Power Range Resolution Scanning Antenna
Autonomous Mining 77 GHz FMCW terrain mapping radar Autonomous Mining 50mW 0.5m Yes
Instrumentation Compact 94 GHz frequency-agile PN coded coherent-pulsed radar Instrumentation 100mW 1m No
Weather Radar 35 GHz high-power coherent-pulsed radar Weather Radar 1kW 15m No
Automatic Cruise Control 77 GHz coherent-pulsed radar (Mercedes Radar) Automatic Cruise Control (ACC) 50mW 5m Switched beams