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MMW Hybrid Tees and E- and H-Plane Tuners - EHT-HBT


  • 26.5 to 220 GHz coverage
  • Convenient to use
  • Low isertion loss


  • Impedance matching
  • Test and instrumentation
  • Power division/combining

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Download the EHT/HBT specsheet (.pdf)


Millitech series HBT hybrid tees are four-port transmission line components where the junction of the series arm (E-plane) and shunt arm (H-plane) are positioned in such a way to give power division and combination in both ports of the transmission line. These tees are available between 26.5 and 220 GHz. They are useful for many laboratory measurements. For those applications requiring high isolation between shunt and series arm, impedance matching, and balanced power splitting, Millitech series CMT magic tees will provide the level of performance necessary.

Millitech series EHT E- and H-plane tuners are a modification of the hybrid tee with micrometer-tuned noncontacting adjustable shorts placed in both the series and shunt arms. These tuners allow simultaneous adjustment of both the phase and amplitude of the reflection coefficient. They are available between 26.5 and 170 GHz, and are very useful for all impedance matching applications.

Outline Drawings

Series HBT

Series HBT Outline Drawings

Series EHT

Series EHT Outline Drawings


Mechanical Specifications

E-H Plane Hybrid Tees
Model Number HBT-28 HBT-22 HBT-19 HBT-15 HBT-12 HBT-10 HBT-08 HBT-06 HBT-05
A (in/mm) 2.8/71 2.8/71 2.8/71 2.2/56 2.2/56 2.0/51 2.0/51 2.0/51 2.0/51
B (in/mm) 1.5/38 1.5/38 1.5/38 1.1/28 1.1/28 1.0/25 1.0/25 1.0/25 1.0/25
E-H Plane Tuners
Model Number EHT-28 EHT-22 EHT-19 EHT-15 EHT-12 EHT-10 EHT-08 EHT-06 EHT-05
A (in/mm) 2.0/51 2.0/51 2.0/51 1.6/41 1.6/41 1.6/41 1.6/41 1.6/41 1.6/41
B (in/mm) 1.4/35 1.4/35 1.4/35 1.0/25 1.0/25 1.0/25 1.0/25 1.0/25 1.0/25
Flange MIL-3922 /54-003 /67B-006 /67B-007 /67B-008 /67B-009 /67B-010 /67B-M08 /67B-M06 /67B-M05

Note: The EHT plane tuners have no electrical specifications, but they are tested for functionality.

How to Order:

Specify Model Number
XX =Waveguide Band
  • WR – number
A= Flange Type
  • R – round (WR-28 through WR-05 only)
  • S – square (WR-28 only)
  • A – Precision Flange per Millitech IS000131, flat option (WR-08 through WR-05 only)