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Full Frequency Triplers - MUT


  • Fullband performance
  • Small size
  • Flat output over frequency


  • Frequency extension
  • Test equipment/laboratory use
  • Phase-lock loops

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Millitech series MUT frequency triplers are balanced resistive - mode multipliers covering full waveguide bands. Power flatness over the full waveguide band for a given input power level is typically ±2.0 dB.

These triplers are offered in both a standard low power and a high power version. The standard version operates with 16 dBm input power and typically provides -2 to +2 dBm of output power depending on frequency. The high power version operates with +20 dBm of input power (+17 dBm for higher frequency bands) and provides -3 to +5 dBm output power depending on frequency and input power. (see performance tables on the following page). Input VSWR is 2.5:1, second harmonic content is less than -30 dBc, and fourth harmonic content is less than -20 dBc typically.

Both versions operate over a wide range of input power levels, and can be tested at customer-specified power levels. These frequency triplers can be optimized to produce higher output power over narrower-than-full waveguide bandwidth. They are compact in size, typically less than a cubic inch, and require no external DC bias.

Series MUT triplers are particularly useful for extending the use of test equipment into millimeter-wave bands. They are capable of generating enough power to pump biased mixers or detectors, or to lock injection-lockable oscillators and amplifiers.

Typical Performance

Series MUT Typical Performance Graphs

Electrical Specifications

Model Number MUT-22 MUT-19 MUT-15 MUT-12 MUT-10 MUT-08 MUT-06 MUT-05 MUT-04
Frequency Band and Range (GHz) Q

Input Frequency Range (GHz) 11-16.67 13.33-20 16.67-25 20-30 25-36.67 30-46.67 36.67-56.67 46.67-73.33 56.67-86.67
Input Frequency Band Coax (SMA) Coax (SMA) Coax
WR-28 WR-22 WR-19 WR-15 WR-12
Standard (Low Power) Version
Input Power (dBm) 16 16 16 16 16        
Output Power (dBm) (typ) 2 2 1 -2 -2        
Max. Input Power (dBm) 18 18 18 18 18        
High Power Version
Input Power (dBm) 20 20 20 20 20 20 17 17 17
Output Power (dBm) (typ) 5 4 3 2 1 -1 -2 -3 -3
Max. Input Power (dBm) 23 23 23 23 23 23 20 20 20

Outline Drawings*


*The outlines shown may not reflect the latest information. Please contact Millitech for current outline drawings..

Mechanical Specifications

Model Number MUT-22 MUT-19 MUT-15 MUT-12 MUT-10 MUT-08 MUT-06 MUT-05 MUT-04
Input Connection SMA-female SMA-female 2.92mm*1-
/54-003*2 /67C-006 /67C-007 /67C-008 /67C-009
Output Connection: MIL-DTL-3922 /67C-006 /67C-007 /67C-008 /67C-009 /67C-010 Output Flange Pattern Compatible with
MIL-DTL-3922/67C. Refer to IS000131.

*1 – 2.92mm female connector is standard. If male connector is preferred, please specify when ordering.
*With #4-40 threaded holes.

How to Order

Specify Model Number
XX = Waveguide Band
  • WR - number
A = Input Power Level (measurement conditions for test data, input power in dBm)
  • H - higher power version
  • L - standard version
  • N - non-standard (please specify)
B = Bandwidth
  • F - fullband (standard)
  • N - narrowband*
*Specify frequency range for narrowband units.

Note: Millitech will supply data for the input power level requested. Data at additional input power levels provided upon request.


To Order: A fullband, standard version series MUT in WR-15

Specify: MUT-15-LF000