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Multipliers - AMC-10 Boost with GaN


  • Compact package
  • Full waveguide bandwidths
  • Optional removable Heatsink


  • Millimeter-wave sources
  • Millimeter-wave frequency extenders
  • LO source for up/down converters

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Download the AMC-10 GaN specsheet (.pdf)


Millitech offers a very high power X6 active multiplier chain assembly. The assembly consists of an AMC-10-RFHB0, a full-band isolator and a wideband GaN amplifier.

By combining our revolutionary GaN amplifier with our active multiplier chain, these assemblies offer high power output covering 75-100 GHz.

The frequency stability at the output frequency is the same as that of the input source when measured in ppm. The output phase noise will degrade by the (20 Log N), where N is the multiplication factor of the active multiplier chain.

The series AMC can be used with test equipment or tunable transmitters and receivers. When combined with a microwave synthesized source covering 12.5 to 18.4 GHz, these multiplier assemblies provide an inexpensive and high performance millimeter-wave phase locked source.

Other combinations of power and frequency are available. Contact Millitech sales with your specific requirements.

See our Series AMC for a complete line of active multiplier chains covering 26-220 GHz.


Model Number AMC-10- RXGA0
Output frequency (GHz) 75 to 110
Input frequency (GHz) 12.50 to 18.33 (X6)
Multiplication factor 6
Input Power +10 dBm (nom)
Output power See typical plot below
Maximum input power +13 dBm
Signal purity (max) -20dBc
DC inputs (typical) AMC
8 – 12 V @ 880 mA
18-20V @ 210mA

1. The units must be heat sunk to keep the case temperature at or below +45°C.
2. If required, heatsinks can be omitted. See “How To Order” section.
3. All testing will be at room temperature.
4. The output power is saturated.
5. The maximum DC input current is 100 mA above the typical values.

Typical Performance

Typical Performance for AMC-10 Boost with GaN

How to Order

Specify Model Number
AMC-10-R0GA0 (excludes heatsinks)