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Subharmonic Mixers - MSH


  • SSB Lc of 8 dB typ.
  • Second harmonic operation
  • 6-12 dBm LO drive power at half of RF frequency


  • Heterodyne radiometer
  • Frequency extension to 310GHz
  • Automated test equipment
  • Instrumentation

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Millitech series MSH subharmonic mixers are broadband mixers that operate at the second harmonic of the local oscillator. Hence, the local oscillator frequency is one-half of the RF in the applicable waveguide band. These mixers offer the advantage of a lower frequency local oscillator, typically between 6 and 12 dBm, while achieving single sideband conversion loss typically between 6 and 9 dB.

The MSH subharmonic mixers have been optimized to operate at either a fixed LO frequency and provide a broad IF frequency coverage, using a 2.92 mm connector, or a broad RF and LO frequency coverage, tested at a fixed IF. The LO and RF ports use waveguide flanges and are available in WR-10, 08, 6.5, 5.1, 4.3, and 3.4. Performance is shown in SSB conversion loss. DSB noise figure is approximately 3 dB lower than the SSB conversion loss plus the noise figure of an IF amplifier. DSB noise figure can be measured, if preferred, upon request.

Fundamental mixers are available from 26.5 GHz to 140 GHz as series MXP, and biased fundamental mixers from 60 GHz to 140 GHz as series MB1.

Electrical Specifications

Model Number RF
Swept LO SSB
Loss (dB,typ)
LO power
(dBm) for
Swept LO
Fixed LO SSB
Loss (dB,typ)
LO power
(dBm) for
Fixed LO
MSH-10 75-108 37.5-54 0.1-20 8 12 8 8 WR-22 WR-10
MSH-08 95-136 47.5-68 0.1-30 8 12 8 8 WR-15 WR-08
MSH-06 120-165 60-82.5 0.1-35 8 10 8 8 WR-12 WR-6.5
MSH-05 150-210 75-105 0.1-40 7.5 8 7 6 WR-10 WR-5.1
MSH-04 180-255 90-127.5 0.1-40 8 8 8 6 WR-08 WR-4.3
MSH-03 236-310 118-155 0.1-40 9 8 9 6 WR-6.5 WR-3.4
Input P1dB = -4 dBm typ., either upconverting or downconverting
Max Pin = 15 dBm, combining LO, RF, and IF input power levels

A STEP file viewer is required to view the links in the 'STEP file' column

Model Outline STEP file
MSH-10 GS3384_A_MSH-10.PDF GS3384.STEP
MSH-08 GS3383_A_OD, MSH-08.PDF GS3383.STEP
MSH-06 GS3382_A_OD, MSH-06.PDF GS3382.STEP
MSH-05 GS3374_A_OD, MSH-05.PDF GS3374.STEP
MSH-04 GS3373_B_MSH-04.PDF GS3373.STEP
MSH-03 GS3372_B_MSH-03.PDF GS3372.STEP

Typical Performance

MSH-10 SSB Conversion Loss, Swept LO

MSH-10 Swept LO graph

MSH-10 SSB Conversion Loss, Fixed LO

MSH-10, LO Tuned, SN-12

MSH-10, LO=45 GHz, 8 dBm

MSH-08, SSB Conversion Loss, Swept LO

MSH-08, SSB Conversion Loss, Swept LO

MSH-08, SSB Conversion Loss, Fixed LO

MSH-08, SSB Conversion Loss, Fixed LO

MSH-06, SSB Conversion Loss, Swept LO

MSH-08, SSB Conversion Loss, Swept LO

MSH-06, SSB Conversion Loss, Fixed LO

MSH-08, SSB Conversion Loss, Fixed LO

MSH-05 SSB Conversion Loss, Swept LO

MSH-05, IF=1 GHz

MSH-05 SSB Conversion Loss, Fixed LO

MSH-05, LO Tuned, SN-2

Outline Drawing

Model ARF
IF (mil/mm) Figure
MSH-10 100/2.54 50/1.27 224/5.69 112/2.84 883/22.43 2
MSH-08 80/2.03 40/1.02 148/3.76 74/1.88 616/15.65 1
MSH-06 65/1.65 32.5/.826 122/3.10 61/1.55 596/15.14 1
MSH-05 51/1.30 25.5/.648 100/2.54 50/1.27 596/15.14 1
MSH-04 43/1.09 21.5/.546 80/2.03 40/1.02 596/15.14 1
MSH-03 34/.864 17/.432 65/1.65 32.5/.826 596/15.14 1

Figure 1

MSH - Outline Drawings Figure 1

Figure 2

MSH - Outline Drawings Figure 2

How to Order

Specify Model Number
XX = RF waveguide size
  • See table above (Electrical Specifications)
A = Swept LO (S) or FiXed LO (X)
BBB = LO Frequency (GHz) for Fixed LO
= 000 for Swept LO
0 = Special Options
    0 – standard
    N – nonstandard (specify requirements)


To Order: A harmonic mixer in WR-5.1 with fixed LO at 90 GHz

Specify: MSH-05-X0900. The LO port will be tuned for an LO of 90 GHz and an RF of 150-210
GHz. The optimum LO power (~8dBm) will be used for testing and reported in the test data.