MMW Waveguide Rotary Joint - WRJ
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Waveguide Rotary Joint - WRJ


  • 360° Continuous rotation
  • Straight and right-angle ports available
  • Low insertion loss
  • 50 – 105 GHz wideband operation


  • Mechanically scanned antennas
  • Automatic test equipment (ATE)
  • Axial ratio measurement

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Download the WRJ specsheet (.pdf)


The Waveguide Rotary Joint allows the transmission of RF signals from stationary to 360˚ rotating rectangular waveguide. Common applications include scanning antennas of any kind used in radar and radiometer systems.

Input and Output ports are available in straight to straight, right angle to straight, straight to right angle, and right angle to right angle variations. There is also an extended straight port available on the flange end, as well as a circular waveguide design.

The unit may be installed by four 0.125” through holes. These will be placed around the mounting disc, located in the center of the two ports. The flange end of the unit will be anchored with the mounting disc, while the rotating side will be free to move.

Electrical Specifications

  WRJ-10 WRJ-12 WRJ-15  
Frequency Range 79 – 105 60 – 89 50 – 75 GHz
Insertion Loss (typ) 1.1 1.0 1.0 dB
Input VSWR (typ) 1.8:1 1.8:1 1.5:1  
Output VSWR (typ) 1.8:1 1.8:1 1.5:1  
Max Power (Watts, CW) 159 252 350 W

Note: Following data representative of WR-10 and WR-12 models only. WR-15 model data to be added shortly.

Mechanical Specifications

Parameter Absolute Maximum
Maximum Rotation Speed 1000 RPM
FMaximum Static Radial Load 121 lbf (538 N)
Maximum Dynamic Radial Load 198 lbf (881 N)
Maximum Static Thrust 161 lbf (716 N)

Note: Applies to all models.

Typical Measured Performance Data:

  Insertion Loss WR-10(typ) Insertion Loss WR-10(typ) Legend
  Return Loss WR-10(typ) Legend Return Loss WR-10(typ)
  Insertion Loss WR-12(typ) Insertion Loss WR-12(typ) Legend

Outline Drawings

WRJ OutlineDrawings1 WRJ OutlineDrawings2 WRJ OutlineDrawings3 WRJ OutlineDrawings4 WRJ OutlineDrawings5 WRJ OutlineDrawings6 WRJ OutlineDrawings7 WRJ OutlineDrawings8

How to Order

Specify Model Number
XX = Waveguide Size
  • 15 - WR-15
  • 12 - WR-12
  • 10 - WR-10
A = Flange Side Transition Type (1)
  • E – end (straight)
  • S – side (right angle)
  • X – extension (straight)
  • C – circular waveguide (only available as WRJ-10-RCRC0)
B = Rotating Side Transition Type (1)
  • E – end (straight)
  • S – side (right angle)
  • C – circular waveguide (only available as WRJ-10-RCRC0)

(1) WR-15 and WR-12 models currently available only with straight flange transitions. Contact Millitech for alternate versions.