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Free–standing Grid Polarizer


  • Very low transmission loss (perpendicular polarization)
  • Very high reflectivity (parallel polarization)
  • Wide bandwidth/high isolation


  • High efficiency polarizers/analyzers
  • Beam splitters/diplexing elements
  • Variable attenuators/reflectors

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Download the GFS specsheet (.pdf)


The Millitech series GFS free-standing grid polarizer consists of an array of parallel elements stretched tight in a plane and affixed to a mounting frame. The closely spaced elements reflect essentially 100% of the parallel electric field components, and transmit the perpendicular component.

The standard polarizing grid is a precision etched 0.001 inch thick polyimide film with 0.002” wide elements and a pitch of 200 per inch. The elements are gold plated over copper and are typically available in less than 60 days. Standard sizes available from 2 to 11 inches.

Millitech can also provide actual wire grid polarizers as a special order. High strength tungsten wire, 0.001 inch diameter is gold plated for optimal performance. Typical pitch is 200/inch however, different wire diameter and pitch can be provided. Minimum order quantities apply, please allow up to 6 month delivery depending on your specifications.

Theoretical Grid Performance

Element Width (dia) (in/μm)* Pitch, per inch Max Operation (GHz)*** Typical Power Transmission at Maximum Frequency
E Field Perpendicular E Field Parallel
0.002/50 200 325 0.99 0.01
0.001/25 ** 300 1000 0.99 0.01

* Please consult Millitech for other diameters and/or pitch.
** special order.
*** recommended, not absolute.

How To Order

Specify Model Number
A = Shape
  • S – square
  • R – round
B = Size
  • R 02 for 2 inch round
  • R 03 for 3 inch round
  • R 04 for 4 inch round
  • S 04 through S 11 for square
*Please contact Millitech for other sizes or special requirements

Outline Drawings

Series GFS Free Standing Grid Polarizer Outline Drawing Series GFS Free Standing Grid Polarizer Outline Drawing 2